US Unveils New List of Sanctions

US Unveils New List of Sanctions

( – On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine after warning it wouldn’t accept Ukraine’s desire to join NATO. Over the last month, the West accused Russia of war crimes as the Russian military bombed civilians and nuclear facilities and refused to allow humanitarian safe corridors. It’s the most significant assault in Europe since World War II. NATO and EU countries have imposed stringent economic sanctions on Russia from the start of Russia’s assault on Ukraine.

On Thursday, March 31, the US Treasury Department announced a new round of sanctions on Russia. The United States is targeting Russian technology companies and malicious cyber actors. Officials say the US government could move to add more sanctions at a later date. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the sanctions would keep coming until Putin ends his senseless war of choice.

The Treasury Department added new sanctions on 21 entities and 13 individuals, including Russia’s largest computer chip manufacturer and exporter of microelectronics. Additionally, the government said it would consider three new sanctions against the Russian economy under President Biden’s executive order, impacting Russia’s aerospace, marine, and electronics industries.

The Treasury Department’s fresh sanctions against Russia freeze US assets of the targeted companies and individuals and prohibit Americans from doing business with those under sanctions.

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