US To Perform Toxicology Report on Tourists Found Dead at Sandals Resort

US To Perform Toxicology Report on Tourists Found Dead at Sandals Resort

Authorities Provide More Updates Involving The Deaths At This Famous Resort

( – If you plan to go to the Bahamas for a relaxing and luxurious getaway, you might never expect it could be the last time you walk out your front door. Three American tourists died on Friday, May 6, and one became extremely ill at a Sandals Bahamas resort. The reason for their deaths is a complete mystery.

On Monday, May 9, Bahamas police said the four victims received treatment separately for nausea and vomiting at an area hospital Thursday evening and returned to their villas. The victims ate at differing locations, so food is an unlikely culprit. Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle said the authorities hope to learn the cause of their deaths soon.

Local Officials at a Loss

According to USA Today, on Friday morning, hotel staff found three people unresponsive in two adjoining rooms at the Emerald Bay Sandals Resort in Great Exuma. In the first instance, staff called the police to say they found one person. While the authorities were en route to the hotel, staff told them they discovered an unresponsive man and woman in a separate villa. Once on-site, investigators pronounced all three dead.

A spokesperson for Sandals told USA Today the resort immediately followed company protocols and notified emergency medical professionals and local authorities of the situation. Bahamian Health Minister Dr. Michael Darville informed the local media that environmental scientists, physicians, and others were investigating the incidents using blood tests and toxicology exams. The New York Post reported Bahamian authorities sent samples to Philadelphia and expect toxicology reports sometime later in the week.

Rolle said he wouldn’t speculate on what contributed to the four victims’ ailments and the three deaths. The police commissioner added officials would be able to pinpoint the exact cause of death and help law enforcement determine what happened once pathologists finished their work. Health officials are conducting their investigation, and so far, authorities don’t suspect any foul play.

Guests Question What the Culprit Could Be

On Tuesday, NBC News reported several guests expressed concerns about what happened. They told the news outlet that they smelled a strong presence of insecticides around the resort during the week leading up to the illnesses and deaths.

Insecticides have caused previous incidents in similar situations. In 2015, a Delaware family became extremely sick after a resort in the US Virgin Islands used a highly toxic pesticide the government banned for indoor use in 1984.

Stay tuned. There could be several reasons the three people died, and a fourth became very sick.

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