US Students Found Pledging Money to a Terrorist Group

US Students Found Pledging Money to a Terrorist Group

( – American students on liberal university campuses are giving themselves a bad reputation. Filmmaker Ami Horowitz has created several shocking videos asking college students on liberal campuses outrageous questions.

Recently, the self-described guerilla journalist visited Yale University to ask students to sign a petition to repeal the First Amendment. To his shock, many students were more than willing to sign it. Now, he’s taking his exploits to a new level. He visited ultra-liberal UC Berkeley University to ask students to donate to the Taliban.

On camera, he asks students to give him money for the Taliban to support killing Americans. One student after another appears inspired to take up the cause. They pledged to donate anywhere from $5 to $50. One student even said he would work to help the cause. Horowitz said it was the one time he hoped someone would punch him, but it never happened. He claims not a single person told him to get lost.

Even a left-leaning cameraman from San Francisco couldn’t believe it. He asked Horowitz if he was pulling a prank. On YouTube, commenters expressed anger and concern over the students’ support of the Taliban against their own country.

Horowitz agreed with the outrage and said this was the most chilling video he had ever shot on a college campus. The filmmaker added he believed it was the result of far-left professors brainwashing students and teaching self-hatred.

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