US Senate Seat in Play, Election Forecaster Suggests

US Senate Seat in Play, Election Forecaster Suggests

( – As the primary elections inch closer, the political world is buzzing about what could happen in November. The midterms are a chance for Republicans to take back control of Congress, and the atmosphere is ripe for them to do it because of the failures of the Biden White House. Now, a report shows the GOP could be alive to win a Senate seat in an unexpected state.

The Cook Political Report

On February 25, the Cook Political Report made a slight status change in the Senate seat held by Michael Bennet in Colorado, leaving Republicans excited it could be up for grabs in the midterms.

Typically, Colorado is solid blue, but Cook shifted it down to “likely” Democrat. It’s still not at toss-up status, but the size of the shift doesn’t necessarily indicate bad news for anyone.

Bennet’s camp remains positive, saying he isn’t taking his job for granted. Instead, he’s running on a solid record that should bring in the votes for a win.

Still, Colorado GOP Chair Kristi Burton Brown was elated by the news. She said the rating change shows the dissatisfaction of Coloradans who want someone willing to fight for the state and not follow the Biden plan.

The status change for the Colorado seat is big news because the left usually carries the state by significant leads. If Bennet has to fight, it shows a shift in the state’s political climate.

Cook did note this could become a toss-up depending on who wins the GOP primary. The report suggests Americans are voting against Trump and associates instead of for Democrats and their agenda.

The best option may be Joe O’Dea of the current potential GOP candidates. The construction company owner is in a good moderate position. The worst possible option, according to Cook, would be State Representative Ron Hanks, who’s entirely in the Trump camp. Then, there is Gino Campana, a former councilman in Fort Collins. He’s also grasped some Trump ideals to get in with his base, but he’s less aligned than Hanks.

Of course, these aren’t the only options. Also running are Eli Bremer, a former Olympian and military vet, and Deborah Flora, a former talk radio host.

The Rest of the Country

Winning Colorado alone won’t seal the deal for the GOP to take over the Senate majority. They need to win at least 21 of the 34 seats up for grabs.

Yet, things are looking brighter for that to happen. The same day Cook changed the Colorado status, the political reporting company moved North Carolina’s seat from a toss-up to leaning Republican.

Cook has three other Democrat Senate seats listed as toss-ups in Arizona, Georgia and Nevada, with the GOP possibly losing two seats previously set as toss-ups in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

It’s too early to call the election, but one thing is for sure: The midterms will be interesting and may come with some surprises.

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