US Fighter Planes Land in Poland

US Fighter Planes Land in Poland

( – As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine continues, western allies are showing their support. The threat of war looms over the region, and the United States has sent support in various forms to help beef up the eastern front. Their most recent support came in the form of fighter jets, which landed in Poland.

US F-15 fighters landed in Lask, Poland on February 10. According to a statement from the US European Command, the jets will join forces with Danish and Polish F-16 aircraft already on air policing missions for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) from Šiauliai Air Base in Lithuania.

Jeff Harrigian, US Air Force General and commander of the US Air Forces in Africa and Europe, told “The Hill” the deployment of the F-15s elevated the existing NATO defense on the eastern front. Harrigian added the jets and pilots from the 48th Fighter Wing at the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force Lakenheath base show solidarity within the Alliance.

As the threat of a Russian invasion continues to dwell in the minds of allies, NATO has been rushing to increase defenses. Russia has already stationed 100,000 troops in the region, adding to the fear of a military offensive.

The United States plans to send around 2,000 troops to Poland and Germany. The 1,700 going to Poland are from the 82nd Airborne Division currently stationed in North Carolina. Another 1,000 troops will pack up and move from Germany to Romania.

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