US Cities’ Growth Slowest Year in Recorded History

US Cities' Growth Slowest Year in Recorded History

( – In 2021, America experienced its slowest growth in a year since the country’s founding. On December 21, the US Census Bureau released its 2021 estimates. The country’s population grew at an anemic 0.1% for the year, primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was the first time since 1937 America’s population growth failed to reach one million people. Despite the pandemic, the slowed growth has been a trend for over a decade. While the national numbers are uninspiring, it’s even worse if you live in a city.

Across the country, Americans ditched big cities to get away from the pandemic. Remote work, lost jobs, and new opportunities helped create the mass movement. From mid-2020 to mid-2021, according to Newsmax, the following cities saw high numbers of people leave:

  • New York City lost a whopping 328,000 residents.
  • Los Angeles saw a decline of almost 176,000 people.
  • San Francisco lost 116,000 residents.
  • Chicago saw a decrease of 91,000 people.
  • San Jose, Boston, Miami, and Washington, D.C. lost tens of thousands of people combined.

Many people indicate they’re leaving many big cities, especially blue communities, because living costs are too high. Still, some experts believe the trend is temporary.

We shall see. Time answers all questions.

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