US Allegedly Refused to Take Control of Kabul When Taliban Offered

US Allegedly Refused to Take Control of Kabul When Taliban Offered

( – In June and July, the Taliban swept across Afghanistan and toppled one region after another. While many people feared the terrorist organization would eventually destroy the Afghan government and take Kabul, the nation’s seat of government, no one thought it would happen as quickly as it did. By early August, the Taliban was knocking at the gate of Kabul, and it appears the United States was already negotiating with its leaders.

The speed of the takedown was astonishing. The Afghans and Americans weren’t the only people surprised. The Taliban was as well. Nearly 20 years, trillions of dollars, and thousands of lives later, the terrorist group America fought took charge. The Taliban claimed everything in Afghanistan except Kabul until Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the war-torn country for greener pastures.

Then the Taliban offered the US a decision: Take Kabul, or it would. Unsurprisingly, Biden and his military leaders refused control of Kabul and gave the city to the terrorists.

Taliban Takes Over Security of Kabul

President Biden insisted the United States would be leaving Afghanistan effective August 31. In the hours leading up to the fall of Kabul, the Afghan government, United States and the Taliban struck a deal to ensure a peaceful transfer of power. The terrorist group said it was determined to honor the arrangement. The US only asked for control over the airport to ensure Americans and Afghan allies could leave the country safely. However, the Taliban wasn’t ready to occupy the city.

Despite the concern, the Taliban took over the seat of Afghan power in less than one hour. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin advised the president to close the US embassy and move it to the Kabul airport. Unable to destroy all sensitive or secret information, US officials abandoned the once heavily utilized US embassy. Our government’s decision was catastrophic. Despite the circumstances, Joe Biden was resolute: The United States was pulling out effective August 31 regardless of any outcomes.

Under Taliban control, the terrorist group claims it was working to prevent further disorder. However, terrorist officials were apparently knocking on doors looking for Afghan government allies and marking them for execution. At the same time, the perimeter around the airport fell into chaos.

The Taliban denied people with visas and proper paperwork entry to the airport despite their pledges otherwise. The scene grew more violent as the days went on. Under Taliban control, suicide bombers killed 13 US service members despite warnings in advance that the attack was imminent.

As the Taliban seized the country, many people couldn’t control their emotions. Even fighters broke down in tears.

On Monday, August 30, the last American soldier boarded a C-17 military cargo plane. With it came the complete control of Afghanistan to the Taliban.

What comes next for the war-torn country? Stay tuned.

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