Undercover Video Shows Teachers Bragging About Getting Around CRT Ban

Undercover Video Shows Teachers Bragging About Getting Around CRT Ban

(TruthandLiberty.com) – In 2021, parents across America told school boards they disapproved of teachers pushing critical race theory (CRT) on their children. In Virginia, voters flipped the state from blue to red down-ballot for the first time in a decade, partially over issues with school boards. Idaho was among the first states to legally prohibit CRT in public schools and universities. In April, Idaho Republican Governor Brad Little signed HB 377 into law. Yet, it appears the new law banning CRT hasn’t stopped some teachers.

Proponents of CRT say they don’t teach CRT, and it’s a theory taught in colleges. Still, opponents of CRT say its principles are taught discreetly throughout curriculums in various ways. Keywords often associated with CRT are equity, diversity, and inclusion. Recently, undercover journalists with Accuracy in Media recorded teachers who said they found a way to get around the law. One teacher said instead of using the term “social-emotional learning,” they call it “mental health curriculum.”

The chief academic officer of one Idaho school told undercover journalists the district purposefully changed “social-emotional learning” to “behavior adaptations.” She said the move was brilliant because parents don’t care about behavior adaptations, even if it’s the same thing.

What do you think? Is it appropriate for schools to disguise what they’re teaching to fool parents?

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