Ukrainian Troops Push Putin’s Army Back to Russian Border Town

Ukrainian Troops Push Putin's Army Back to Russian Border Town

Ukraine Sends Putin’s Military Back To Russian Border In Series Of Victories

( – In mid-February, ahead of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, many military experts believed Russia’s overwhelming military force would take the country’s capital within weeks, if not days. Military actions haven’t gone according to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plans. In April, Russian troops abandoned Kyiv. On Thursday, May 11, Ukrainian officials said their soldiers pushed the Russians away from several villages surrounding the nation’s second-largest city, Kharkiv. The Ukrainians’ ability to drive Russian forces away from the city has put enemy artillery out of the range of Kharkiv.

According to Newsweek, the British Ministry of Defense said Russia’s withdrawal from the region acknowledges its inability to capture major Ukrainian cities. On Thursday, the BBC reported that Ukrainian defenses are maintaining their lines in the Donbas region. Despite some of the positive victories for the Ukrainian military, forces are still struggling in the southeast as Russia reinforces its grip on the Donbas region. Russian officials say they want the complete liberation of the Donbas from Ukraine.

In the meantime, the West believes the war could drag on for some time. Russia and Ukraine don’t appear close to a diplomatic resolution. To date, Russia has failed to accomplish its objectives or conquer a significant target in Ukraine.

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