Ukrainian Troops Blow Up Makeshift Russian Bridge, Slowing Putin’s Advance

Ukrainian Troops Blow Up Makeshift Russian Bridge, Slowing Putin's Advance

Russian Military FOILED After Ukrainian Forces Destroy This

( – In warfare, terrain matters. The more obstacles there are for an invading force to overcome, the easier it is for a country to defend itself from an aggressor. Since February 24, Russia has encountered more Ukrainian resistance than initially anticipated. The Russian military failed to capture Kyiv and abandoned that effort. Now, it’s not going as well for Russia as it had hoped for in eastern Ukraine. Over the last number of days, enemy forces retreated from Kharkiv as Russian President Vladimir Putin set his sights on capturing the Donbas region.

Any time a military needs to cross a river, it’s complicated. Over the last several weeks, Ukrainian forces have targeted bridges to stop Russian convoys from crossing them and moving about the countryside. Recently, the Russian military attempted to build a makeshift pontoon bridge over the Siverrski Donets river. On Wednesday, May 11, representatives from Ukraine said they destroyed the bridge.

Two separate Ukrainian assaults on the bridge over 24 hours resulted in the makeshift crossing’s demise and the loss of numerous Russian military vehicles. The Telegraph reported the bridge’s destruction resulted in the Ukrainians wiping out a sizable Russian battalion, including 1,000 enemy soldiers in the surrounding forests.

The world is watching as the war rages on and conditions on the battlefield continue to change. Does Ukraine really have Russia on the run, or does the Kremlin have bigger plans it has yet to unfold?

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