Ukraine and Russia Fight Intensely Before Western Help Arrives

Ukraine and Russia Fight Intensely Before Western Help Arrives

Russia Makes Last Ditch Effort To Take Key City Before Western Firepower Arrives

( – In early May, Congress authorized the US government to provide more military aid to Ukraine to help the war-torn country defend itself against Russia. In recent days, Russia began focusing on the capture of Sievierodonetsk in the Eastern Ukraine region of Donbas. Mayor Oleksandr Stryuk said the Russian military destroyed the overwhelming majority of the city’s buildings and power. Additionally, Russia also took out critical infrastructure, including communications. Tens of thousands of people have fled their homes in a city with a population of over 100,000.

The Associated Press reported the Kremlin is wasting no time while Western military supplies arrive in the capable hands of the Ukrainian military. Ukrainian troops are fighting off the Russians, block by block, in Sievierodonetsk, roughly 90 miles south of the Russian border. Around 12,000 people are currently sheltering in basements and facilities designed to withstand the pounding of Russian bombardment.

The Ukrainian military said the Russians fortified their positions to the northeast and southwest of the city. The surrounding area is the last region clinging to Ukrainian government control in Luhansk province. Military analyst Oleh Zhdanov said the military exercise was a full-blown effort to seize Donbas regardless of the cost. Continued advancement might become impossible if Russian troops don’t take the territory before the western military hardware arrives.

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