U.S. Sending Troops To Gaza?

Photo by Ömer Yıldız on Unsplash

(TruthAndLiberty.com) – Vice President Harris during an appearance on “60 Minutes” that aired on Sunday” argued that there was no possibility for US troops to be sent to Gaza or Israel.

As she stated in the interview they had “no intention” or plans to send US troops in the area or to have the United States military be directly involved in the war in the Middle East. However, Harris affirmed that the Biden administration maintains that Israel has the right to defend itself and that at the same time, Palestinians need to be given “equal measures of safety and security.” She further pointed out that it was very important for people to not confuse Palestinians with Hamas, which is a militant group in Gaza.

As she pointed out Hamas is classed as a terrorist organization and they are responsible for the deaths of thousands of Israelis. The Palestinians are different from Hamas and they deserve to be protected and have self-determination. She added that they have been clear in the fact that humanitarian aid should be allowed to continue and that there were rules to war that Israel would need to follow.

The Vice President also made a connection between Israel and Ukraine which is fighting against Russia. As she stated there was no possibility that the war in the Middle East would result in the war in Ukraine being placed on the back burner. She added that they were committed to helping send aid to Ukraine in its defense against the Russian attack.

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