TX Man Mows Lawn After Burglarizing Home, Then Flees From Capture

TX Man Mows Lawn After Burglarizing Home, Then Flees From Capture

What This Burglar Did After Stealing From a TX Home Has EVERYONE Scratching Their Heads

(TruthandLiberty.com) – In Texas, “Drive Friendly” is the rule of the road, and people pride themselves on going the extra mile to be neighborly. One burglar in Port Arthur, a small town near the Louisiana border, might have taken the concept farther than usual.

Bewildered might be a good description of the homeowners in the small Texas town after learning someone broke into their home, stole several items, got gasoline for their mower, filled the tank, and mowed the front and back yards before fleeing. Security cameras caught it all.

The Port Arthur Police Department responded to a home burglary on April 1. When they got to the crime scene, they found a man running away, dragging a lawnmower behind him. He eventually abandoned it to get away from officers.

Officials say Marcus Renard Hubbard allegedly broke into a home and took some items. But before he left the area, the apparently courteous thief filled the homeowners’ push mower with gasoline and cut the lawn. Upon the officers’ arrival, he must have decided to cut his landscaping tasks short, as evidenced by the lack of edging or blowing, but he tried to take the mower with him.

Because the security cameras captured everything, the Port Arthur Police Department posted the video on its Facebook page. They continue to look for Hubbard, who is now facing charges of burglary of a building. Anyone with information about his whereabouts should contact the department.

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