Twitter Is Hiring Former Government Officials at Exceedingly High Rates

Twitter Is Hiring Former Government Officials at Exceedingly High Rates

Social Media Giants’ Hiring Practices Leaks — And It’s As Corrupt As You’d Think

( – For years, government employees have investigated social media companies’ operations at different levels. Employees within the FBI, the CIA, and other government arms have actively looked into matters for Congress, the Department of Justice, and others. Now, a new report shows a cozy relationship between government employees and social media that reveals a potentially severe conflict of interest.

MintPress News reporter Alan MacLeod revealed social media companies have filled some of their most senior, well-paid positions with former government employees. Many formerly worked in government finance, legal issues, and policy-related jobs. Still, some users might wonder how appropriate it is for those who once policed social media companies to cozy up with them as employees.

MacLeod said that the back and forth between the Big Tech companies and government service creates a “feedback loop” that helps social media companies develop censorship and disinformation policies. At the same time, the Internet giants tell the public it can trust them because they’ve hired the CEO or another high-level position from the FBI or the military.

MacLeod went out of his way to say the crossover government employees weren’t bad actors and hadn’t breached any laws. He also noted there are few people as qualified for the positions as the former government employees. Still, some say the choices create terrible optics, at best, and smack of a conflict of interest.

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