Tucker Carlson Says Our Future May Have Been Sealed After Actions in Canada

Tucker Carlson Says Our Future May Have Been Sealed After Actions in Canada

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Over the last several weeks, truck drivers in Canada parked their rigs, shut down the Canadian supply chain and protested the harsh COVID-19 mitigation orders still under enforcement in Canada. The truckers wanted to use their legal rights to make their point: enough is enough after nearly two years of the government’s draconian orders.

On Monday, February 21, Fox News host Tucker Carlson said the Canadian government’s hostile takeover of the Freedom Convoy as directed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau isn’t just a warning to Canadians.

Last week, Trudeau issued emergency orders that allowed him to declare martial law — all because of a peaceful trucker strike. Tucker said the Prime Minister declared himself the final arbiter of the law and all financial transactions in Canada.

Simply stated, he went from supposedly defending democracy to becoming a true dictator. Carlson added Trudeau now viewed the truckers as an invading army, and he felt the need to squash their invasion.

What’s the root of this decision? According to Carlson, it’s the self-declared power the government gave itself during the pandemic. Officials told citizens where and when they could shop or worship. The restrictions forever changed the lives of children and the educational system. As the pandemic winds down, Carlson declared the last thing these leaders want is for their power to go away.

The popular news host stated Trudeau is not the enemy in US officials’ eyes; Putin is. Yet, he said, if you want to know the future of the United States, all you need to do is look north to Canada.

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