TSA Extends Mask Mandate for Passengers

TSA Extends Mask Mandate for Passengers

(TruthandLiberty.com) – In January 2021, the Biden administration imposed mask mandates on public transportation. Since then, the administration has extended it several times. Over the last month, states began lifting COVID-19 mitigation orders, including mask requirements indoors in states led by Democratic governors, as the public grew weary of restrictions. The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) set the current federal mask mandate on planes and public transportation to expire on March 18. The TSA said it would extend the mask mandate one more month while potentially preparing to lift it on April 18.

TSA said the additional month would allow the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) more time to develop targeted COVID-19 recommendations based on national and local case numbers and any new potential variants. Still, critics question why it’s okay to remove masks at sporting events, concerts, or movie theaters, but not on a highly filtered airplane?

In mid-2020, airlines began requiring masks onboard aircraft despite the Trump administration not requiring them. Since January 2021, when President Biden assumed office, airlines have reported over 6,000 cases of unruly passengers unwilling to wear masks during flights. Experts say the mask fatigue may make it unlikely airlines will require passengers to wear them on board their planes once the federal government lifts the requirement.

Stay tuned. April could be a pivotal month for airline passengers and users of public transportation.

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