Trump’s Thomas Jefferson Prediction Just Became Real Life

Trump's Thomas Jefferson Prediction Just Became Real Life

( – In 2017, the far-Left directed its rage at Confederate statues in Southern states. At that time, former President Donald Trump predicted that sooner or later, the activists would turn their ire to George Washington or Thomas Jefferson. He was right.

On Monday, October 18, a little-known New York Public Design Commission voted 8-0 to relocate a statue of Thomas Jefferson that dates back to 1833. Pierre-Jean David D’Angers created the sculpture as a symbol of religious freedom and tolerance. Since 1913, it has sat in the New York City Council chambers.

For 20 years, Progressives tried to remove the statue from city hall over concerns Jefferson was a slave owner. Black, Hispanic and Asian city council members requested the committee consider moving the figure, saying it had no place in the seat of city government. City Councilman Inez Barron said the statue’s removal wasn’t an attempt to revise or wage war on history. Instead, Barron said officials would move the sculpture to the New York Historical Society, where the public could learn of Jefferson’s complete history.

Some people, including former President Trump, don’t agree with the city councilman. In 2017, the media mocked the former president for suggesting Leftists might go after important historical figures. They said Trump’s view was misplaced and suggested it was a false slippery slope. Yet here America is — with New York City censoring Thomas Jefferson.

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