Trump’s Employee Tells FBI What?

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Trump’s Employee Tells FBI What?

A Mar-a-Lago employee said that ahead of the FBI raid, former President Donald Trump instructed for boxes to be taken to his residency.

Other witness testimony and security camera footage also back this claim up as staff can be seen moving boxes. The request for the move was made after the May subpoena.

Taylor Budowich, Trump’s spokesman said that the Biden administration was fabricating everything to use the law to remain in power.

In the initial reports, the witness said that they did not handle any sensitive material. However, during the follow-ups, this aspect of the story changed. The employee is now considered a key witness.

After the raid into his Mar-a-Lago home, Trump blasted the FBI for their move to collect documents from his and his wife’s personal quarters. Authorities also looked extensively through the storage room where many of the documents were originally stored.

The May subpoena, which reportedly led to the move of the documents, was issued as there were suspicions that Trump had more documents that he was storing away after the January document Exchange. The National Archives and Records Administration had also said that in the original documents they were given, they saw a number of classified markings, which is why the case was brought to the Justice Department.

In June, Federal officials went to Mar-a-Lago where they found more documents. Trump also signed a document that confirmed that all classified material had been returned. After the exchange, the DOJ became certain that more documents were being stored in the estate. This is what led to the August 8th FBI raid.

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