Trump Supporters Make On Thing Very Clear

Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Former President Donald Trump’s supporters are not fans of the idea of other Republicans being selected for the 2024 presidential candidacy.

During Trump’s Save America rally in Robstown, Texas, Saturday evening attendees noted that there were no other potential candidates that would be at Trump’s level. This opinion did not appear to be affected by the fact that Trump was impeached twice before he left office.

Trump supporters also noted that they were not interested in seeing other potential presidential candidates. This included potential presidential candidates Govs. Greg Abbott of Florida or Ron DeSantis of Florida, and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

Antoine Williams of Tulsa, Oklahoma, who is a merchandise vendor who has been selling merchandise during Trump’s rallies since 2015 said that if Trump decides to not run a few hearts would be shattered. He also noted that any opposition to Trump was the same as him directly facing opposition.

Ahead of the midterm election, Williams noted that this main concern was inflation. He added that everyone from the middle class and below is feeling the effects as they are becoming poorer.

Kelly Brown, a single, unemployed mother, told the Washington Examiner that she had been traveling across the country to attend Trump’s rallies and to hear him speak. She also noted that abortion is her main concern of hers as she is pro-life. She also noted that human trafficking was another key topic. When asked she said that there could not be a better candidate than Trump for 2024.