Trump Sues Hollywood?

Photo by Vincentas Liskauskas on Unsplash

( – Former President Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign has stated that they are planning on filing a lawsuit against the filmmakers who are behind “The Apprentice” a new biopic film that follows Trump’s early real estate business career. In a statement, the campaign argued that the biopic was making “blatantly false assertions.” 

Steven Cheung, the spokesperson of Trump’s 2024 campaign has stated that they are going to be suing those “pretend filmmakers” and argued that the entire film is fiction and based on lies that have previously been debunked. He added that along with the illegal Biden trials, this was just another attempt by Hollywood to interfere with the presidential election as they know that Trump is going to be able to win back the Oval Office in 2024 and defeat their candidate. He added that none of their attempts to interfere with the election thus far have worked. 

Cheung continued by slamming the film arguing that it was defamatory and that it should never be allowed to be released. 

The film premiered on Monday at the Cannes Film Festival and was directed by Ali Abbassi. “The Apprentice” stars Sebastian Stan who is playing Trump, while Jeremy Strong is portraying Roy Cohn, the former attorney and mentor of Trump. The film reportedly received an 8-minute standing ovation.
Following its premiere many commented on how unfavorably the film depicted Trump, Cohn, and Trump’s first wife Ivana Trump. 

Abbassi recalled that many people had questioned why he had wanted to make a movie about Trump and argued that people had called for him to say whatever he wanted to in a nice manner. 

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