Trump Says What Biden Is Too Scared To

Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

( – During a period of heightened tension between Israel and Hamas, as well as increasing antisemitic incidents, former President Donald Trump pledged to reinstate the travel restrictions targeting countries known for their support of groups identified as terrorist organizations.

Speaking at a conference organized by the Republican Jewish Coalition in Las Vegas, Trump assured the audience that he would halt the influx of antisemitic sentiment into the United States. He reaffirmed his commitment to preventing extremist Islamic militants from entering the country, emphasizing that his prior measures had been effective.

Trump’s travel restrictions, which became a divisive issue and were subjected to numerous legal battles, would be revived if he returned to office, he declared. “Recall the travel restrictions I put in place. I’ll bring them back on Day 1,” Trump stated. He explained that the aim of the restrictions was to prevent the entry of individuals with intentions of causing harm to the U.S., alluding to acts of terror such as bombings.

Criticizing President Joe Biden, Trump accused him of immediately suspending these restrictions upon taking office. He boasted that during his term, the United States neither initiated new military conflicts nor experienced terrorist attacks. “We maintained safety because we barred dangerous individuals from setting foot in the country,” Trump claimed.

He also talked about fortifying the screening process for all immigrants, stating, “There will be rigorous ideological checks for all incoming immigrants. If you harbor anti-American sentiments, or if you pose a threat to Israel, or align with jihadist ideologies, you won’t be allowed entry.”

In alignment with other Republican figures, such as Senator Tim Scott and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Trump also committed to revoking student visas from individuals showing allegiance to Hamas or participating in pro-jihadist demonstrations. He warned that such people would face deportation in the future.

Conclusively, Trump concluded his speech by stating that his goal was to restore America’s standing, as he believed the country had become an international “laughing stock.”

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