Trump Reveals His 2024 V.P. Pick?

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

( – On Friday, former President Donald Trump was scheduled to host a fundraiser event in South Dakota; however, the race could turn out to be far more critical for two-term Gov. Kristi Noem.

Trump is currently leading the GOP primary race and will soon be headlining the political gathering in Rapid City. Noem, who is a vocal supporter of the former President, is set to appear onstage with Trump and provide her endorsement. This is particularly important, as many have speculated that Noem is one of the possible choices to become Trump’s running mate in the presidential election.

During a Thursday interview on “Fox and Friends,” Noem revealed that she has not had any discussions about this with Trump. Later that day, during a Fox News Digital interview, she was asked if teaming up with Trump in this event should be considered a possible screen test for her becoming his Vice President, to which Noem replied that she does not believe it should.

The governor added that she was not dismissing the idea and that if she was offered the position she would need to consider it, especially as this is an important time in the nation’s history. She added that constitutional freedoms were currently being “undermined by leaders” in the United States and it was time for them to step up and try to ensure that the freedoms and values of the country would be maintained.

Last year, Noem had also contemplated joining the presidential race on her own, but in recent months, she has maintained that Trump was the candidate who could win the GOP nomination.

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