Trump Makes Statement as Sussmann Trial Comes to an End

Trump Makes Statement as Sussmann Trial Comes to an End

Trump Unleashes Fiery Attack Against Those Who Wronged Him

( – In 2019, then-Attorney General William Barr appointed John Durham as a special counsel investigating the origins of the Trump Russian collusion scandal. Last fall, a grand jury indicted Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann for lying to the FBI about his role in the scandal. On Tuesday, May 31, a jury found Sussmann not guilty.

On Truth Social, former President Donald Trump slammed the decision. He wrote that the US justice system is corrupt, partisan, compromised, and scared. The former president summarized the state of America by reminding his followers that illegal immigration is out of control, election integrity is still an issue, inflation is sky-high, the military has gone woke, and the country is rotting from the inside out. On top of it all, Sussmann isn’t guilty.

Members of Trump’s circle, including the former president, alleged that Sussmann, Hillary Clinton, and players within the intelligence community and law enforcement were part of a scheme to undermine the legitimacy of his presidency.

Durham said he respected the jury’s decision. He noted the hard work the prosecutors and investigators did on the case and thanked them for their dedication and desire for truth and justice. In October, Igor Danchenko will stand trial in Virginia for lying to the FBI about his role as a source in the fake Steele Dossier.

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