Trump Endorses Republican Who Disagreed With Him

Trump Endorses Attorney General in Texas

( – As January draws closer, so too does the 2022 midterm primary season. Across the country, from January through March, Republicans will begin filing for re-election or a first-time chance at winning a GOP nomination. In the spring, party voters will decide who represents the party in primaries next fall.

In recent weeks, former President Donald Trump has been active in announcing who he will support for next year’s all-important campaigns as Republicans prepare to flip the House and Senate in November 2022.

On Thursday, November 17, the former president endorsed Texas incumbent Rep. Michael McCaul (R). The endorsement was somewhat surprising because McCaul said Trump might have committed impeachable offenses after the Capitol Hill riot on January 6. McCaul also spoke out against Trump’s rhetoric at that time. Ultimately, though, the Texas Republican voted against impeachment, stating Democrats hurried the process, and justice shouldn’t be rushed.

Despite any differences the two men may have, Trump has endorsed McCaul. Recently, the media has been spinning a narrative, saying Trump has divided the GOP. Apparently, the former president doesn’t see it that way. As head of the GOP, the former president has seemingly placed party unity and performance for constituents above any perceived differences. Trump said McCaul is doing a fantastic job for Texas as he fights to protect the border, defend the Second Amendment and support military veterans.

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