Trump Demands Investigations Into SCOTUS Harassers

Trump Demands Investigations Into SCOTUS Harassers

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( – After someone inside the Supreme Court leaked a draft memo suggesting the judges were likely to overturn Roe v. Wade, left-wing abortion activists protested at conservative Justices’ homes. One person even threatened to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh. On Saturday, June 25, former President Donald Trump spoke at a Save America rally in Mendon, Illinois. As you might imagine, the former Commander in Chief had a lot to say on the matter and called for investigations against individuals who tried to interfere with the Court’s decision.

The former president praised the conservative Justices for not backing down despite the threats of violence. Trump claimed the left-wing goal of discrediting the High Court was nothing more than a campaign of terror to intimidate and interfere with the controversial decision. Trump said the left-wing efforts didn’t work and called for investigations into those who harassed the conservative Justices, referring to the agitators as extremists and terrorists.

Trump blasted Democrats for not condemning the threats against members of the Supreme Court. He noted that while the Left continued its focus on January 6 hearings, members did nothing to stop violent intimidation against the Justices.

As long as Democrats are in control, do you think they’ll focus on exercising consistency and fairness, or will they continue in their attempts to hold Congress instead?

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