Trump Breaks Silence On New House Speaker

Photo by Elijah Mears on Unsplash

( – Former President Trump extended warm congratulations to the newly-elected Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, who represents Louisiana as a Republican. Speaking to journalists in New York, Trump expressed not only his delight in Johnson’s win but also implied that his own endorsement played a role in Johnson’s successful campaign.

“It’s truly an honor to offer my congratulations to Mike Johnson, who I know will excel as Speaker of the House,” Trump commented. “I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Mike for quite some time. He’s an exceptional leader and a man of great integrity.”

Trump went on to emphasize the role he believes his endorsement played in Johnson’s rise, thanking both his followers and those who supported Johnson.

“Just a day ago, Mike was barely on anyone’s radar,” Trump observed. “However, after our endorsement, he’s risen to this remarkable position. So I want to extend my gratitude to my loyal supporters, as well as Mike’s, for making this possible. I have no doubt he will make us all proud as Speaker.”

The elevation of Mike Johnson to Speaker comes after a turbulent period for House Republicans. Just 22 days ago, a bipartisan vote led to the removal of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy. This left the Republicans in a challenging position, trying to find a candidate who could garner enough support to be elected Speaker.

Regarding Trump’s influence during this period, it was not consistent. He initially backed Representative Jim Jordan from Ohio, who later dropped out of the race when his chances appeared slim. Trump also weighed in decisively against House Majority Whip Tom Emmer, saying in a public statement that electing Emmer would be an “enormous error.”

Johnson then became the fourth Republican to secure the nomination for Speaker and, eventually, won the support of his GOP colleagues. On Wednesday, his nomination was confirmed, solidifying his position as the new Speaker of the House.

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