Trump Blames Kabul Catastrophe on Biden’s Weakness: ‘He Didn’t Do Anything’

Trump Blames Kabul Catastrophe on Biden's Weakness: 'He Didn't Do Anything'

( – From the moment President Joe Biden announced the precipitous withdrawal of US forces in Afghanistan, the Taliban swept the nation in record time. What’s unfolded in the last number of weeks is catastrophic as the US military tries to evacuate Americans and Afghan allies out of the worn-torn country. On Thursday, August 26, ISIS-K terrorists killed 13 US service members and injured 18 others. None of what’s transpiring sits well with former President Donald Trump.

On Thursday evening, Trump told Fox News Host Sean Hannity that the Taliban exploited Biden’s weaknesses. In response, the president did nothing. The former president walloped Biden by saying the terrorist group swept in and America ran out, destroying the US image and military around the world. The former Commander-in-Chief said the warriors need a leader at the top, and right now, they don’t have one.

President Trump called the events unfolding in Afghanistan embarrassing and said throughout the interview that the situation was likely to get worse. The former president said he kept the Taliban under control by following through on his words. When they got out of line, precision military airstrikes hit them hard. Instead of dealing seriously with the Taliban, Trump said Biden handed over our military equipment to them. The end result, the former president added, is that American officials look like weak, pathetic fools who don’t know what they’re doing.

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