Trump-Appointed Judge Puts an End to Mask Mandates in the Air

Trump-Appointed Judge Puts an End to Mask Mandates in the Air

( – In February 2022, the Biden administration announced the extension of a mask mandate for anyone using public transportation. Many citizens expressed frustration at the policy as governors lifted mask mandates across the country, and the administration announced it was ending the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Title 42 immigration rule — effectively saying the pandemic was over if you’re an illegal immigrant.

On Monday, April 18, a US federal judge struck down the public transportation mask mandate imposed on travelers using planes, trains, buses, and at transportation hubs such as airports. Airlines almost immediately notified travelers masking was an option and no longer required. Conservatives hailed the ruling. As expected, the Left expressed its dismay.

Some attacked Judge Kathryn Mizelle as a Trump appointee and asserted she wasn’t qualified to sit on the bench. Still, other liberals called for airlines boycotts. Others overwhelmed social media with rants and fits of anger over the policy change. Going another step further in left field, TruthOut essentially blamed Trump for the ruling because he was the one who nominated Judge Mizelle in the first place.

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden said Americans would have to choose whether to wear a mask moving forward. The Department of Justice said it would defer to the CDC on whether to appeal the ruling.

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