Trump Aide Has Something to Say About Trump’s Health

Trump Aide Has Something to Say About Trump's Health

( – Former President Donald Trump is hitting the campaign trail to stump for GOP candidates as they attempt to take back the House and Senate in 2022. Those who’ve seen him lately might be wondering if he’s lost some weight and has somehow become younger and more vital.

According to Trump advisor Jason Miller, the former president isn’t eating as much as he did while residing in the White House. He’s also eating healthier foods, golfing frequently, laughing more and endorsing Republican campaigns. Trump unapologetically loved fast food and ate M&M’s on Air Force One. Ahead of a potential rematch with President Biden in 2024, Trump has lost an estimated 25 pounds.

Some people suggest Trump’s youthful transformation may be a perfect contrast to Biden in 2024. Since taking office in January, President Biden reportedly has rambled incoherently, fallen in public, looked exhausted and developed an unexplained cough. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki says the only thing bothering Biden is allergies. Otherwise, she says, he’s in perfect health.

If the two men face each other again in 2024, and there are no guarantees they will, it may become obvious who has more wit, stamina and desire to lead America. Combined with Vice President Kamala’s unpopularity, Biden’s perceived health issues could set the stage for Trump’s success in 2024.

While It may seem like a long way off, the campaign season kicks off in less than two years.

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