Trans Cheerleader Attacks After Teammate Insults Her

Trans Cheerleader Attacks After Teammate Insults Her

Cheerleader LOSES It After Teammate States The Obvious

( – By the 1960s, virtually every school in America recognized cheerleading as a sport, and many girls aspired to the pinnacle of social life through it. Like many other female athletic disciplines in America, the transgender movement is impacting the highly competitive activity. Many college women have expressed their feelings about biological men competing as women in their sport. At a recent cheer camp in Texas, the situation became heated when a biological male said a teammate verbally attacked her for identifying as a woman.

Ranger College cheerleading camp expelled 25-year-old Averie Chanel Medlock for losing her cool and assaulting a fellow 17-year-old female athlete, whom police only identified as Karleigh. The girl’s father said he got a phone call from his daughter at 1 a.m., saying she and another girl locked themselves in a bathroom out of fear after the transgender woman allegedly tried to provoke a fight and then choked the teenager.

Medlock said that’s only part of the story. She alleged that Karleigh was disrespectful and called her a man with a penis, saying the transgender woman shouldn’t be on the all-girls team. The older athlete admitted to putting her hands around the young lady’s neck but insisted the move was only a joke. The police cited Medlock for unwanted physical contact. Soon after, organizers kicked her out of the cheer camp.

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