Traitor Couple Who Sold America’s Secrets Were Anti-Trump BLM Supporters

Traitor Couple Who Sold America's Secrets Were Anti-Trump BLM Supporters

( – The US Navy submarine fleet is one of the most secretive in all the military. It takes a top-secret clearance to serve aboard a submarine and hours upon hours of training just to qualify for service. In 2020, a naval engineer and his wife got caught trying to peddle submarine secrets to Brazil. The Latin American nation has tried unsuccessfully to develop nuclear submarines. For a small fee, Jonathan and Diana Toebbe thought they could help.

Over several years, Jonathan stole classified documents about submarine nuclear reactors from the US Navy Yard in Washington, DC. When the Toebbes approached Brazilian officials, representatives quietly informed the US government, and the FBI initiated an undercover sting to catch the couple. In October, the FBI made their arrest. In February, the two pleaded guilty to espionage. Now, it appears the disgraced couple so eager to sell America’s secrets were anti-Trump, Black Lives Matter (BLM) supporters.

When the FBI arrested the couple, they had a BLM sign in the front yard. Mrs. Toebbe was also a known Trump-hater. The situation is odd because for as much research as the Toebbe’s did, they missed an essential ingredient. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and former President Donald Trump had a strong alliance. Some even say that the relationship between the two leaders was the strongest between the two countries in decades.

It appears they won’t get the chance to make the same mistake twice. If convicted, the couple could spend a combined 20 years in prison.

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