Top US Doctor Reverses Stance on Wuhan Lab Theory

Top US Doctor Reverses Stance on Wuhan Lab Theory

( – New revelations are coming out about the origins of COVID-19. In the spring of 2020, former President Donald Trump and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Director Robert Redfield openly stated COVID-19 may have originated in a Chinese lab in Wuhan, China. Critics blasted the charge, and many scientists said the likely origin was a jump from bats to humans in a naturally occurring event.

At the time, Columbia University professor and virologist Dr. Ian Lipkin sided with the critics. Major news outlets used the professor’s quotes debunking the supposed Wuhan Lab claim. However, he may be reversing his stance.

Lipkin Changes His Story

In a new docuseries by famed director Spike Lee titled “NYC Epicenters,” Lipkin, for the first time, is saying something different than previously before. The epidemiologists said he first heard about the COVID-19 outbreak on December 15, two weeks before world authorities learned about the virus. He even repeated the date to ensure the public heard him correctly.

It seems that not only did the professor know about the virus before the World Health Organization, but he also wasn’t forthright about his views of COVID-19’s origins. Lipkin’s revelations fly directly against the Chinese government’s claims that a Wuhan doctor was the first to report a new virus on December 27. However, the virus was so rampant that a Chinese reporter said a private lab had already studied COVID-19 and passed its information on to the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. The “Caixin report,” which covered the initial findings, disappeared altogether, according to sources.

A key figure in the fiery debate over the pandemic’s origin, Lipkin vigorously fought the Wuhan Lab conspiracy theory. The epidemiologist praised China for its control of the virus and wrote an influential commentary in “Nature Medicine” ruling out a “laboratory-based scenario,” which the researchers labeled a conspiracy theory.

Now, Professor Lipkin is changing his tune after learning about high-risk experiments in low-biosafety labs by Wuhan scientists studying bat coronaviruses.

Who are Americans to believe? For the better part of a year, there was smoke. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. It appears China’s protectors are beginning to spill the beans. Lipkin is one of them. In addition, Dr. Anthony Fauci spent a year suggesting the Wuhan Lab Theory was a conspiracy. On May 23, 2021, he changed his tune as well. He stated he wasn’t “convinced” COVID-19 was a naturally occurring virus and that the virus could have leaked from the Wuhan lab.

As time grows further from the outbreak, answers may be forthcoming about the pandemic’s origin. Stay tuned.

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