Top Taliban Leader Previously Freed from Guantanamo

Top Taliban Leader Previously Freed from Guantanamo

( – Just a few weeks ago, President Joe Biden swore the Taliban would not capture Afghanistan, and no one imagined we’d see helicopters rescuing US citizens from its military base. On Sunday, August 15, the Taliban finished a sweeping six-day hostile takeover of Afghanistan, and the US military began airlifting Americans out of the war-torn country. Biden was wrong.

That’s not all he’s been wrong about. In 2014, the Obama administration released five Taliban leaders in exchange for US Army deserter Robert Bergdahl. One of the five Taliban members who left Gitmo was Khairullah Khairkhwa. The parole board never cleared the terrorists, and the Pentagon even labeled Khairkhwa as too dangerous to release.

The five Taliban members traveled to Qatar, where they promised to remain and stay out of trouble. So much for trusting a terrorist. Khairkhwa is now one of the top Taliban leaders running the show in Afghanistan.

Obama/Biden Administration Turns a Blind Eye to Future Taliban Leader

Mullah Khairkhwa is a former Taliban interior minister. He enforced brutal punishments such as stonings and beheadings against people who broke Islamic law. In 2002, the US military caught the terrorist in Pakistan and accused him of associating with Osama Bin-Laden. The US government sent Khairkhwa to Gitmo.

Soon after Obama signed off on their release in 2014, the newly freed Taliban pledged they would return to Afghanistan to fight America despite their promises to the contrary. The Obama/Biden administration ignored the intelligence reports at grave peril. 

Now, the US recognizes the once Gitmo-held terrorists as official representatives of the Taliban. Earlier in the year, Khairkhwa sat across from Biden’s envoy to Afghanistan as part of the official Taliban delegation negotiating terms for the US withdrawal. The terrorist told negotiators he would continue jihad against the United States until the US forces were gone and the Taliban instituted a new Islamic government.

Khairkhwa tried to assure the Biden administration that the Taliban wouldn’t attack anyone so long as the US withdrew its military assets. Additionally, the jihadist guaranteed the Taliban wouldn’t retaliate against anyone who worked with the Afghan government or the US military. 

Reports out of Afghanistan prove that was a lie, and thousands of people have died. Why would the US government trust someone who was so bitter toward America and prone to lying for political and military gain? 

What role did then-Vice President Biden play in the five Taliban leaders’ release from Gitmo? It’s uncertain. However, as president, Biden reversed former President Trump’s Gitmo detainee policy and restarted Obama’s release program.

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