Top Republicans Prepare To Fight Against Jan. 6 Committee

Top Republicans Prepare To Fight Against Jan. 6 Committee

Republicans INSTANTLY Strike Back Against Jan. 6 Witch Hunt

( – In the wake of the January 6, 2021, riot on Capitol Hill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi commissioned the Select January 6 Committee to investigate the roots of the riot. As the committee prepares to hold public hearings on its findings, top Republicans are preparing to fight political allegations leveled by the committee.

Pelosi composed the committee of 9 partisans. Seven members are Democrats, and two are anti-Trump Republicans. On Thursday, June 9, the committee will hold a primetime hearing hoping to persuade America that the riot was an insurrection caused by former President Donald Trump.

Republicans are calling the primetime committee appearance a partisan production that Democrats are fabricating in hopes the controversy will help them keep their slim majorities in Congress this fall. According to Axios, Republicans plan to counter the televised hearing. So, what is the GOP plan to counter the partisan hearing, which many pundits expect to dominate cable news channels?

Axios said influential House GOP members, Trump allies, and perhaps even the former president would appear during the hearing on Fox News, Real America’s Voice, and respond in real-time on Facebook and Truth Social. Additionally, Republican lawmakers plan to write op-eds and release their own rapid responses on social media. The GOP intends to make the case that Democrats are out of touch with inflation, gas prices, mass shootings, the baby formula crisis, and not expressing concerns about the plight of many Americans. The GOP will also label the committee as partisan and illegitimate.

Will the hearings fracture any attempts at bipartisan legislation the rest of this year? Regardless of the actual rulings, the outcome will likely affect how both parties approach the coming months.

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