Tom Cotton Slams Biden’s Claim About Meat Workers

Tom Cotton Slams Biden's Claim About Meat Workers

( – Through the summer and fall, inflation hit Americans hard in the pocketbook while President Joe Biden insisted Americans had more money than they did a year ago. Most Americans disagree with the President’s assessment. On Wednesday, December 15, Fox Business released a poll showing more than 8 in 10 voters say they’re worried or very worried about inflation. Nearly half blamed Biden for the soaring costs.

As Americans pay more for virtually everything they purchase, the White House is attempting to deflect blame. On Tuesday, December 14, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki blamed the greed of meat companies for rising prices at grocery stores. Instead of considering government policies as the root of the problem, as former Obama Treasury official Steven Rattner did, Psaki says the hurt is because of companies jacking up prices.

Tuesday evening on Fox News, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said the administration needs to stop blaming everyone but themselves for the Democrats’ mess created by their policies. He reminded viewers there wasn’t any inflation problem until midway through 2021 after Democrats flooded the economy with trillions of dollars in March’s COVID-relief package. He stated too many dollars chasing too few goods created the problem after Democratic-run states lifted lockdowns and capacity restrictions.

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