Tokyo’s Population Is Declining

Tokyo’s Population Is Declining

( – Globally, many people left big cities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic because of concerns major populated centers were more vulnerable to the spread of the virus. Companies enabled some movement by allowing for work-from-home options and greater flexibility to care for children or older parents. Tokyo was among the big cities to see a population decline.

In 2021, Tokyo’s experienced the most significant population drop in 26 years as nearly 50,000 people left one of the world’s most populated cities for smaller communities, rural areas or their home countries. Since June 2021, Japan’s capital has seen month-over-month declines. Employment experts say the trend may deepen as employers embrace teleworking, and the small country can’t expect foreigners to return to the region for work.

Since 1963, Tokyo’s population has grown from 10 million to around 12 million by 1996. The increase was steady until 2020, when the numbers began to drop. The difference could pose new challenges for the massive city. As the population declines and more people move away, officials express concerns that houses and buildings could become increasingly vacant.

Despite the bad news, there is a ray of hope. Fewer people mean less congested roads, faster commute times and less stress. There’s always a positive view if one looks for it.

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