Tik Tok Star Makes an Online Plea After Her Son Dies

Tik Tok Star Makes an Online Plea After Her Son Dies

Mysterious DEATH Reported – Mother Issues Heartbreaking Plea

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Ophelia Nichols is a TikTok star with over 7 million followers. She’s known for her southern accent and words of wisdom from her front porch videos. On Friday, June 24, Nichols put out a heartfelt call to action and hoped her audience would respond, except this time, it wasn’t about a product or an endorsement.

Nichols, known by her fans as Mama Tot, told her followers that her son was shot and killed outside a local gas station in Prichard, Alabama, a community just south of Mobile. The TikTok star said she’s never asked her followers for anything, but now she has an urgent plea. Speaking with somber tears, she said someone must know who killed her son just one day before his 19th birthday.

Randon Lee was the youngest of Nichols’ four children. Nichols said police had two potential leads in the case, which was the only murder in the Mobile area at the time of the shooting. Authorities have not made an arrest but are indicating Randon was selling marijuana to the two suspects when they shot him. Nichols said she hopes someone will come forward with answers.

The grieving mother added that her son was an organ donor.

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