Tik Tok Announces Its Latest Ban

Tik Tok Announces Its Latest Ban

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Tik Tok is relatively young in the social media world, but it’s grown exponentially. The platform sees around one billion users per month, many under 24 years old. Recently, Tik Tok announced a new update to its Community Guidelines, banning certain phrases.

The massively influential platform recently announced a ban on “misgendering,” “conversion therapy” and “deadnaming.” But what does it all mean?

The three terms all have different meanings; “misgendering” refers to identifying a person by their biological sex, “deadnaming” is calling someone by their birth name and “conversion therapy” is talk therapy addressing gender dysphoria and making people more comfortable with themselves.

It’s bad enough the social media platform essentially glamorizes transitioning and contains millions of videos explaining different gender ideology principles. Now, Tik Tok is removing any material that offers a different perspective to counter the impact this content might have on people, especially teens and children on the app.

Is this just another example of big tech censoring voices and pushing a “woke” agenda, leaving no ability for rational discussion? It seems Tik Tok has become a perfect medium for those who want to push their liberal ideas onto others but don’t want to deal with competing viewpoints.

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