Thousands of Patriots Show Up to a Freedom Rally in DC

Thousands Of Patriots Show Up To A Freedom Rally In DC

( – Throughout America’s storied history, citizens often go to the nation’s capital to express their grievances with the government. It’s a right enshrined in the First Amendment of the US Constitution. On Sunday, January 23, 30,000 to 35,000 people showed up at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, according to Newsmax, to express their displeasure with President Joe Biden’s COVID mandates.

Marchers demanded an end to mandates and requirements by some Democratic-led cities to show proof of vaccination to dine in a restaurant, take in a movie or experience other forms of entertainment. Protestors called for a debate and informed consent. Numerous doctors, celebrities and media professionals spoke at the event. They argued against mandates restricting personal freedoms and responsibilities of the unvaccinated.

The theme of the protest had little to do with vaccines. Instead, its focus was on civil liberties and allowing patients and their doctors to make the best decisions for individuals’ health and safety. Some argued that medical freedom was at risk as the government created a means for people to face public pressure if they choose not to vaccinate for legitimate health reasons or out of conscientious objection.

Over the last several weeks, the US Supreme Court blocked Biden’s workplace vaccine mandate for companies with over 100 employees. Yet, it allowed a vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. Additionally, a federal court last week blocked Biden’s federal government employee mandate as well. Mask mandates remain in place on public transportation systems.

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