This Bill O’ Reilly Video Is Breaking the Internet Right Now

This Bill O' Reilly Video Is Breaking the Internet Right Now

( – Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly is having a terrible week. A leaked video first obtained and published by the Daily Mail showcases the conservative commentator lashing out at a JetBlue employee over a delayed flight. The clip took the internet by storm as many people questioned whether this was an isolated incident or just O’Reilly’s norm.

In the video, an angry O’Reilly stands in line at a JetBlue kiosk, and an employee stands beside him just behind a barrier. Whoever is capturing the clip from a short distance away says, “It’s Bill O’Reilly,” and the narrator claims O’Reilly wants to see a manager.

While parts of the exchange between the former news host and JetBlue staff are difficult to make out, it’s obvious O’Reilly is upset about an hours-long delay affecting his flight.

At one point, the famous commentator leans down to look at the employee’s badge more closely. The staffer responds by holding up his badge for O’Reilly to see more easily, but the recording can’t clearly pick up his words. O’Reilly instantly becomes incensed, and that’s where the situation goes south.

“You’re lucky I don’t put my fist through it,” he declares. “F***ing Scumbag… Don’t talk to me like that!” O’Reilly points his finger closer and closer to the employee’s face throughout the rant, prompting him to respond by accusing the former host of making violent threats.

O’Reilly continues the back and forth with one last jab: “You’re gonna lose your job.” He then turns on his heel and storms away. It isn’t clear where he intended to go or what, if anything, happened off-camera from there. Was the media personality justified or out of line?

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