These GOP Lawmakers Caved on Biden’s Court Pick

These GOP Lawmakers Caved on Biden's Court Pick

( – On February 25, President Joe Biden announced Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson as his pick for US Supreme Court Justice. With the Senate split 50/50, the administration will have work to do to confirm the nominee, but there might be good news as some GOP members may be likely to join Democrats.

Republican Senators Susan Collins (ME), Lisa Murkowski (AK), and Lindsey Graham (SC) confirmed Jackson to the US Court of Appeals in 2021, which could mean they will support her again. Still, none of them has said how they will vote on her Supreme Court nomination, and Graham has indicated he’s not happy.

In a statement just prior to Biden’s announcement, the senator said picking Jackson means “the radical Left has won President Biden over yet again.” He’d been pushing for Judge J. Michelle Childs as the nominee. Childs is a federal judge in South Carolina.

Collins may be leaning toward confirmation. Her response to the nomination was to speak highly of Jackson’s credentials.

Most GOP members will oppose confirming Jackson, but there’s plenty of talk about avoiding contentious hearings like those for Kavanaugh and Coney Barrett. Many Republicans have also been supportive of a Black woman being the nominee.

Hearings should begin in March, giving the senators time to mull over Jackson’s nomination. Democrats hope the confirmation will occur in April.

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