The Weird Way Old Bottles are Ending Up in Your Food

plastic bottles

( – Researchers are finding the oddest and grossest ways to entertain our taste buds. Do you like vanilla ice cream? What about vanilla flavored soda? Heck, maybe you just love vanilla. Did you know there aren’t enough vanilla beans in the world to supply our vanilla cravings? This is where plastic bottles come into play.

Scientists are actually able to create vanilla flavor from, of all things, plastic bottles. That’s right. You might be ingesting something that tastes like vanilla but is actually nothing more than fossil fuel-sourced chemicals. Are you still craving vanilla?

Scientists believe there are many ways we can repurpose trash. Every minute, we buy a million plastic bottles of water across the globe. Only 14% of them get recycled. The world is discarding so many plastic bottles that a heap of trash double the size of Texas is floating in the Pacific Ocean. 

Researchers got the idea to convert old drinking bottles into vanilla flavoring by using chemistry — along with modified E. coli bacteria. They concocted a special recipe that will turn plastic trash into a tasty delight. The next time you drink from a plastic bottle, it could fulfill a delightful purpose.

Are you still craving vanilla flavor?

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