The Trial of London’s First Organ Trafficker Begins

The Trial of London's First Organ Trafficker Begins

Human Body Parts TRAFFICKER Finally Faces Justice

( – Nigeria has a reputation as a highly corrupt country, and organ trafficking is a big problem in parts of the Third World, including Nigeria. The issue is less prevalent in European countries, which has led some criminals to move their operations in hopes of staying off the radar. Recently, Nigerian Senator Ike Ekweremadu and his wife, Beatrice Nwanneka Ekweremadu, thought they could commit a heinous crime in London with impunity.

On Tuesday, June 28, British police arrested the couple at Heathrow airport for smuggling a 15-year-old into the country from Lagos. Apparently, they planned to harvest one of his kidneys for the Senator’s daughter. On Thursday, the couple appeared before a judge at the Uxbridge magistrates court in West London. The Guardian reported authorities charged the couple with conspiracy to arrange and facilitate a person’s travel with the intent of exploitation.

Prosecutors said a hospital worker noticed the boy’s passport and exposed Ekweremadu’s scheme. The paperwork said the child was 41 years old. Notably, the Nigerian Senator would have succeeded if he’d attempted the transplant in Nigeria instead of London. The couple says they are innocent of the charges. Authorities say the couple will remain in custody until they appear in court on July 7.

There are several media stories about Ekweremadu’s daughter having kidney disease resulting from toxins in skin bleaching cream, which may be one reason behind the couple’s questionable behavior.

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