The Real Reason Why CNN Fired Chris Cuomo

The Real Reason Why CNN Fired Chris Cuomo

( – In August 2021, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) resigned in disgrace after a state attorney general report revealed he’d sexually harassed multiple women who worked for him. In December, CNN fired his brother and the network’s lead host, Chris Cuomo. CNN asserted the move was due to Chris Cuomo’s biased help with a smear campaign his brother had concocted to reclaim his reputation before his resignation.

New revelations are coming out that there may be much more to the story of the host’s firing from CNN.

Like his brother, Chris Cuomo appears to have a lengthy history of sexual harassment. In 2005, he allegedly sexually victimized his former boss and ABC producer, Shelley Ross. According to a letter high-profile attorney Debra Katz sent to CNN, Cuomo attempted to take advantage of a young woman hoping to secure a full-time job with the company in 2011.

Katz said Cuomo invited the unnamed young women to his office for lunch. Instead, he attempted to intimidate her repeatedly to have sex with him. When she declined, the media star assaulted her.

Additionally, Katz alleged Cuomo randomly contacted the woman out of the blue when the #MeToo movement rose up and took out numerous media icons. Among them were Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose. The attorney said her client suspected he feared she would go public with her story. She alleged Cuomo used a segment in his show detailing where the woman worked in public relations as a shot across the bow to intimidate her. Katz added Cuomo told her she didn’t want any part of him, Zucker or CNN.

Cuomo denies the allegations and says CNN never asked about the Katz letter before his termination.

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