The Latest on the Abortion Fight

The Latest on the Abortion Fight

( – A new case before the US Supreme Court on Monday, December 1, could alter the state of abortion in America. In 2018, Mississippi passed a law banning abortions after 15 weeks. Some proponents argue the Supreme Court wrongly decided Roe v. Wade, but a ruling against abortion would not end the practice if overturned. Instead, the court could send the issue back to the states, where it belongs based on constitutional principles. Some states would change nothing, and others might severely restrict abortion rights.

Still, many people believe the 6-3 Republican-confirmed majority wouldn’t agree to hear the case if it wasn’t prepared to whittle down or overturn Roe v. Wade. While advocates on both sides of the issue and the media publicize the case, abortion may no longer be a top concern among most voters. After Republicans swept the governor’s mansion, lieutenant governorship and the statehouse in Virginia last month, fewer than 10% of adults said abortion was a voting issue for them. The economy and education were their top issues.

Regardless, could the court overturn Roe? In 1992, Justice Clarence Thomas voted to overturn the controversial 1972 ruling, and Justice Samuel Alito has a long record of opposing abortion rights. Justice Neil Gorsuch voted in 2020 to uphold Louisiana’s abortion restrictions and allowed Texas’ abortion law to go into effect earlier this year. Justice Brett Kavanaugh also voted to let the Texas abortion law go into effect. Finally, Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s one vote was also to allow the Texas abortion law.

The court won’t decide until sometime in the spring. They have until late June, when this year’s term ends, to announce a decision.

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