Texas Holds First Primary Election of the Year

Texas Holds First Primary Election of the Year

(TruthandLiberty.com) – Across the country, candidates are lining up for re-election or challenging incumbent politicians. It’s the first crack the nation has in deciding its future two years after the COVID-19 pandemic and harsh mitigation orders by Democrats. Voters are weary of ongoing restriction orders, and the primaries will tell us what direction each party will head in as the country approaches all the important November general elections.

In less than two weeks, the country will experience the nation’s first primary in Texas. On March 1, voters will head to the polls. It also happens to be the day when President Joe Biden will give his first State of the Union speech. It’s no irony he’ll speak right as polls close. Yet, the address is unlikely to make a difference in the outcome of the primary election in the Lone Star State.

For two decades, Democrats hoped Hispanics would tilt Texas their way. According to numerous polls, the Hispanic vote is evenly divided, which is a massive win for Republicans if they vote that way. Over the last few years, the GOP made significant inroads into the Hispanic community by building community centers and listening to the needs of the minority voters. Democrats are expressing concerns that Republicans are turning a corner with this once-core constituency that’s apparently eroding from beneath their feet.

One other key issue to watch is how powerful former President Donald Trump’s endorsements will be in Texas. In total, Trump endorsed 20 candidates ranging from Gov. Greg Abbott (R) down to county judges. If he wins many or most of them, it may determine how aggressive the former president becomes as the primary season barrels on through August.

Ready or not, the election season is in full swing, so enjoy the television advertisements.

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