Texas Beats Biden In Court

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

(TruthAndLiberty.com) – On Thursday, an appeals court blocked an order from a lower court that mandates that Texas needs to remove the floating buoys placed in the Rio Grande that create a barrier dissuading migrants from crossing illegally into the country through the river.

The Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit temporarily blocked the previous victory of the Biden administration against Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R). Abbot’s Operation Lone Star, which is looking to address the surge in immigration is at the center of this case.

Democrats have claimed that the buoys are causing many human rights concerns. However, Abbott and his allies have maintained that they are an effective way of deterring migrants from attempting to cross into the U.S. through the river and risking their lives in the process.

Despite these claims, the Mexican government has also recorded at least two migrant deaths because of the buoys, which are interconnected along the river. The former diplomatic complaints filed by Mexico were important in the decision of District Judge David Ezra to order that Abbott remove the buoys.

The Justice Department in their lawsuit against Texas primarily focused on the federal law regarding navigable waterways pointing out that the barriers had been installed without the necessary federal permission.

The judge in the ruling slammed Abbott over his comments about not requesting permission, pointing out that as per federal law, permission was required before the obstructions could be installed in the country’s navigable waters. He also ridiculed the claims that the migrants entering the country were invading it, pointing out that these claims did not justify using public force against the migrants.

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