Teachers Union Sues Mother for Requesting Information Being Taught to Her Child


(TruthandLiberty.com) – Across the country, parents are growing concerned and outraged that schools are intent on teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT). In April, a Rhode Island mom asked a simple question: Does her child’s school teach CRT?

Instead of getting a direct answer, school officials told Nicole Silas to file public-to-know requests. In turn, she filed 200 requests for public records. Now, the National Educational Association (NEA) and its local chapter has filed two lawsuits to prevent the mom from learning the truth.

The nation’s largest teacher union filed the lawsuits asking a court to take two actions:

  1. Refuse to allow any non-public information from being released.
  2. Protect a teacher’s right to privacy.

On Fox News, Silos shot back at the lawsuit. She slammed the union for using bully tactics to silence parents and added, “transparency is not a collective bargaining negotiation.” Cornell law professor William Jacobsen argued that the lawsuit is unwarranted. For one, he said the union is trying to protect its member’s non-public information, but the public record law defines what is and isn’t public.

So, why can’t Silos get a straight answer? The NEA is on record opposing any efforts to thwart teaching CRT to children. The union’s board recently passed resolutions claiming it will fight anyone who opposes the controversial teaching.

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