Taxpayers Should Not Pay for Climate Change

Taxpayers Should Not Pay for Climate Change

( – Climate change is a big issue for politicians, not just in the United States but also globally. While it remains a heavily debated topic, the price is exponential regardless. But who should have to pay for change that could ultimately save the planet?

Well, let’s establish a price first. To say combating climate change is expensive is an understatement because it could easily cost trillions of dollars. Is it fair for the people of the world to bear that cost?

According to a Politico/Morning Consult poll, many people believe taxpayers shouldn’t be responsible for fighting climate change. Instead, most people the poll surveyed in 13 countries asserted fossil fuel businesses should be the ones to cough up the dough. After all, their products do play a large part in climate change.

In fairness, individuals wouldn’t be able to afford the cost of climate change anyway unless they forked over their entire incomes, sacrificing housing and food. Companies, on the other hand, have many more resources. Politico reported large corporations are worth an estimated $59 trillion alone, with investors holding a record $115 trillion in 2020. These companies and investors could pay for climate change and not risk their livelihoods.

In the end, it makes sense for fossil fuel companies and vehicle manufacturers to pay the way for combating climate change; they have the funds, and they’re largely the reason for the need in the first place.

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