Taliban Screams “Alluhu Akbar” As They Execute 22 Soldiers

Taliban Screams

(TruthandLiberty.com) – In April, President Joe Biden announced he would begin pulling the remaining 2,500 US soldiers out of Afghanistan beginning on May 1. The Afghan war is the longest in US history. Many US former officials claimed that, like Obama’s 2011 withdrawal from Iraq, leaving Afghanistan is a mistake. Biden’s withdrawal may already be causing chaos in the vacuum of a US military presence.

On June 16, a video surfaced of a major escalation between Afghan forces and the Taliban. The Afghan government sent in 22 US-trained commandos to recapture the town of Dawlate Abad from the Taliban. Lacking air support and reinforcements, the Afghan forces ran out of ammunition and were forced to surrender. The result was a massacre. The Islamists shouted, “Allahu Akbar” and opened fire on the soldiers, who were unable to defend themselves further.

As the US military draws down and leaves the terrorist haven country, Islamists are trying to persuade the Afghan troops to leave their posts. If they do, the Taliban promised to give them a safe route home; but it doesn’t seem like they’re prepared to live up to their word.

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